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AutoSignOn B2 and Java JDK

Question asked by cc36297 on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by jb31639

The recent update on Java 11 adoption has me wondering about the compatibility of the AutoSignOn B2 once Java 11 goes live.  As per the Oscelot Page, this B2 was last updated in 2016, specifically for Java 8.  Since Java 9 apparently incorporated significant changes, I'm wondering if the AutoSignOn B2 is at risk of not working once this move is made?


We're also about to migrate from MH to SaaS in July, and the July 16th release of Java 11 has me extra curious 


Wiley Fuller, Jeff Kelley, and Mark O'Neil - I've seen each of your names on the Oscelot page for this B2, and am wondering if you might be able to provide specific insight here.