Distant Tutoring rather than Distance Learning

Discussion created by knight.jonathan on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by neil.cocklin

I have a friend who is based in Zimbabwe who would like to get involved with online tutoring of students.  So this is a bit of a reversal to the normal distance learning paradigm of the tutor being local and the students being distant from the University.


She has a masters in television and degrees revolving around documentary and film production and is exploring the possibility of becoming an online tutor for a course.  Her local Universities are not a possibility so she's looking for opportunities elsewhere.


I am also a bit curious to know whether Universities are offering courses where the tutor and/or the students are completely remote from the main campus.  At Keele we have some remote courses but in those cases the tutor and the students are in the same place, even if it is remote from our campus.  Our workflows at Keele are heavily biased towards the students and the tutors being connected with the campus particularly in areas around student support so I'm wondering what infrastructure needs to be in place to support that kind of thing.