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Anyone using Turnitin LTi integration? Or using Blackboard Ultra with Turnitin?

Question asked by cw31641 on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by jo32204

Hi all


We currently use the 'Basic' Turnitin integration with Blackboard, and are moving to SAAS this summer. We plan to then move to Ultra as soon as possible, however our understanding is that to do so, means we must change to the Turnitin LTi integration.


We've tested this with our current Blackboard (9.1) on MH and SAAS, and the LTi integration is not great. Turnitin admit a wide range of issues, including grades not syncing with the grade centre, which for us is a deal breaker.


Anyone out there using Turnitin LTi and can confirm these issues?


I also can't get an answer from Turnitin if moving to Ultra Base Navigation requires Turnitin LTi, or whether we can stick with basic integration until we start moving courses to the Ultra view.


Any advice would be appreciated!


Craig Wakefield

University of Brighton, UK