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Course Membership Error 400

Question asked by ajdinmasic on Jun 5, 2019
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I am trying to create a course membership however, I keep getting this error: 



   "message":"Unable to set read-only fields: [userId, courseId]"



The JSON that I'm sending to Blackboard via PUT request:

   "userId": "externalId:<externalId>",

   "courseId": "externalId:<externalId>",

   "availability": {

      "available": "No"


   "courseRoleId": "Instructor"



The link that I'm sending it to:<externalId>/users/externalId:<externalId>

My initial thought was that the user wasn't in the Blackboard system but I verified this specific user and course are both in the system.


Does anybody have any ideas as to why I'm getting this error? I'm not trying to set the userId and courseId I'm just trying to assign a course membership.