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Unresponsive Hamburger (My Institution) Menu - 2016 Theme

Question asked by kevinoconnor on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by kevinoconnor

In the 2016 theme I get very inconsistent results with the hamburger (my Institution) menu at the top left of the screen; sometimes I can click on it fine repeatedly, sometimes it's unresponsive.



I know there's a known bug with Firefox (see BTBB #000050066) but it also happens to me in Chrome on my Android phone. If I scroll the page it doesn't work & if I scroll back to the top of the page it starts working again. Fix 29 in the fixes thread doesn't seem to sort it for me (maybe it's for an old version or slightly separate issue?). I get the issue in both the default & customised versions of the theme.


Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Or the circumstances that cause it to become unresponsive?


Is it something that is generating support queries for people or do staff/students get used to it?