Automating Certificates of Completion

Discussion created by lenertk on May 30, 2019
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I have created a Certificate of Completion that is automated based on rules.  In order for the link to produce the certificate, the quiz in each of the 12 modules must be completed, with an overall course score of 75%.  So the learner could score 50% in one of the modules and 80-100% in the others and the Certificate will still be produced as long as the overall score is 75%.  So far, it has worked great.  Took a while to set up properly so it looked professional, but now the program coordinator does not have to manually create certificates for course completers.




1. For some learners the certificate does not work.  We go into the grade book and can see that all criteria have been met. We suggest they clear their cache and log out and back in.  But still not working.  


2. I am also not clear if I can issue a certificate in a student's name, if they cannot. 


Curious if anyone has run into this problem or better yet, has a solution!