Calendar entries and content availability

Discussion created by jh0043189 on May 24, 2019
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While recently teaching a class I discovered a surprising behavior of the Blackboard calendar. I make certain all my assignments, discussions, and other graded content have due dates so they populate the Blackboard calendar. I'm also in the habit of releasing content week by week, either through date restrictions or an adaptive release rule linked to an assignment in the prior week. I received an email from a student uncertain about an upcoming assignment due date and after pointing them to the syllabus and the Blackboard calendar I received some news - the student couldn't see the calendar entry. The next day, I confirmed the issue using Student Preview mode.


As it turns out, if content with due dates is in a content folder or module that is hidden from student view the calendar dates will not show to students. It doesn't matter how the content folder is hidden, or if the graded item itself is available. When I opened a support ticket with Blackboard the analyst confirmed the calendar is currently functioning as designed, and also that there was nothing currently planned to change the behavior.


My question to the community - is this how we want the calendar to function?


Jim Holton

DeSales University