Bb Ultra Customizations, ¿what do we want?

Discussion created by emunoz on May 21, 2019
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During the presentation Matthew Deeprose, Sam Cole and I did at TLC last week in Newcastle (thanks to all that attended, by the way), one person in the audience raised the question: "What about Ultra? What can we do?".

I had been thinking about it earlier and chatting with other attendees at the cafeteria, and promised that I would bring it here to the community... so I'd like to start a conversation about what we would like to see for Ultra's branding. Maybe we manage to make some noise :-P

My approach is simple: I'd like to be able to change ALL the colours, and not only the one on the "X" and maybe also other things, but I do not think it is reasonable to have a CSS to upload as it happens with Original. Ultra is meant to be working in all devices, and starting to touch padding, margins and other things can end up with something ugly and unpleasant. Let's keep it simple to set up on the GUI.

I would like to...

- Be able to change all the colours, but not like in Original: just have a few boxes with the original Ultra color and my replacement, so I could change all the violet things to be red, all the dark grey to be light blue. And I mean ALL, not part of it. Maybe that page could have some warning regarding colors and accesibility (so that we do not get any lime green background and orange links!)

- Be able to decide if I want a logo on the middle of the banner in the institution page or not. Now there has to be a logo, and even though you can upload a transparent image, it is a workaround for something that should be possible.

- Be able to have no text in that same page.

- Decide if I want the banner to have a semi-transparent layer on top of it, and what colour.


I think that's quite a start, and would love to hear opinions / suggestions.

Thanks again!