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Is there a way to track the length of time a student watches a video in coursesites?

Question asked by acook on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by goh.ian

I work for a charitable foundation called the Once Upon a Time foundation and we underwrite a free, online course through CourseSites that helps train Speech Pathologists on a pediatric speech disorder. It is hosted by UT-Dallas and our mission is to provide Speech Pathologists free continuing education to help reach kids with rare disorders that may not get the right treatment otherwise.


We are trying to improve our course, and I am trying to research a way to track how the length of time students that take our course watch the video. I have already contacted support and they were not sure if this is possible.


I wanted to reach out to the development side of things to see if you had answer for me, or if this was something that could be possible.