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Question asked by marboss on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by nc36270

I previously set up the old course sites which was much more self explanatory. Now, I am having trouble setting up the courses and institution. I am the administrator. No one has any access as I have not yet set up anything to invite anyone. For 2 days, I have read everything on Administrators. However, there is no link that takes you directly there which makes it more hard to set up.


Now, not only do I have course sites to log in, I also have Blackboard learn to log in, and Blackboard community. None lead me to setting up the institution. It only leads to setting up the course, see help info and resources, and everything but setting up the institution or organization. I am unable to go on coursesites and add a logo or anything as the youtube video shows. Please help with a direct link to actually set itg up and not just reading the info as i really need to get the courses and institution up and available! Thank you in advance