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Keeping on top of things

Question asked by eb0071065 on May 13, 2019

How does everyone keep on top f the updates that Blackboard push out?


I have mine set up so they are in their own email folder but often I find that its hard to keep up especially when I carry on with my projects, do ticket work and help when the library systems go down? On top of that I can get asked about something that I have looked over a couple of weeks ago where I don't need to do anything or have done the testing etc but because I would have forgotten about the subject, I would have to revisit and remember what I have checked.


I am starting to save things in an excel sheet and have also created a 'key' for quick reference. Ideally I would like an intranet site where the emails could be fed into and I can tick them off as I go, however the bonus of this would be so that people could see that I have checked the issue and put some notes into what the issue was and what testing was done. 


Anyone got a setup like this?