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Delegated Marking and the Yellow Icon

Question asked by djagger on May 9, 2019



Looking for some clarification if at all possible.


We have delegated marking set up for a large cohort. I'm enrolled in the course unit as eLearning Super User/Course Leader and set up to mark no submissions.


Had a query as to why some people were seeing a Yellow 'Needs marking' Icon in the cell of Grade centre and other students had the double dash but a submission could be found when accessing the cell submenu.


Found an explanation on Rading University web page saying...


"If you are not allocated to mark an assignment, you will not see a yellow ‘Needs Grading’ exclamation icon in the Grade Centre to indicate an assignment has been submitted and needs marking, even if you have Instructor permissions in the course area. You can still view a student’s submission if you click in the empty cell to see if an Attempt has been made but you cannot add feedback .(It provides view only access to the assignment.)"


This makes sense BUT it's not what I'm seeing....


  • Yesterday morning out of 300 students I could see 7 students had a yellow icon in the main grade centre cell.
  • Yesterday afternoon a different 7 students had the yellow icon, the previous 7 now didn't.
  • This morning virtually all the students have a yellow icon in the main cell.


I've checked student submissions, group allocations etc... and can't see a pattern.


Anyone know any explanation as to what triggers the yellow icon appearing or not when using Delegated Marking?


Thanks in advance!