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Hackboard:Data User Stories

Discussion created by Steve Bailey on May 3, 2019
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Please reply to this thread with your user stories, in the format “As a [Role], I need to know [Question], so that I can [Action], in order to [Goal]”. for example:

  • "As a Programme Leader, I need to know which courses are not using Collaborate within each programme, so that I can encourage instructors to adopt Collaboratein order to improve parity of student experience".
  • "As a Department Head, I need to know how much time Distance Learning students are spending in Learn and Collaborate so that I can identify and intervene with disengaged students in order to improve retention rates".

As a reminder, here is the data available in the demo model:

  • A Blackboard Learn instance, with data on Courses, Users, Activity, Course Items (e.g. Files), Course Tools (e.g. Forums), Gradebook, Goals & Rubrics
  • A Blackboard Collaborate Ultra instance, with data on Rooms, Sessions, Users, Activity, Recordings & Media

  • A Student Management System, with data on Institutional Hierarchy, Course attributes, Student attributes, Instructor attributes, Programmes of Study, Grades