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LTI Launch Request gives an error in Safari browser?

Question asked by dpbhatt on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by dpbhatt

I have developed an LTI tool and configured with Blackboard Learn instance. The tool has been working fine with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, but when I test the tool in Safari browser in a Mac/iPad/iPhone, there is an issue. When I launch the tool in a course, the LTI Launch screen gives me an error. I have attached a screenshot of the error as below.



My sample test code is in ASP.NET MVC as below and every time when I test with Safari I get the above error.


public ActionResult Index()


string url = "https://<BlakboardLearnInstance>/learn/api/public/v1/oauth2/authorizationcode?client_id=xxxxxxxx&response_type=code&redirect_uri=https://<domain>/Home/Response&state=xxxxxx";


Response.Redirect(url, true);


return View();




public async Task<ActionResult> Response(string code = null, string state = null, string error = null)


return Content("code = " + code);



Why am I getting the error?


It may be the reason that the iframe in Safari browser doesn't allow third-party cookies and the Blackboard Learn issues a few cookies on Authorization. Do you have any thoughts on this? Please help.