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More efficient way to see if work is submitted as a student.

Question asked by mhartman15 on May 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by gw0046349

I've been using Blackboard Learn for about a year now as a student, and there's one thing that frustrates me about using it. When it comes time for Finals, I look through my classes on Blackboard to see what assignments are done or what needs to be done. Unfortunately, I have to click through every single assignment just see what has or has not been submitted.


I think it would be efficient and effective to have a feature that shows what assignments have or have not been submitted yet on the Assignments page. Even a check-mark or an "x" next to the assignment to show if it has or hasn't been submitted would be great! It'll save me the trouble of going through each one to check if an assignment has been submitted and then having to write down what hasn't been. Considering how many classes I have and how many assignments are on Blackboard, this would save me a ton of time and frustration.