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What's Your Preference - Webinar or F2F Training?

Question asked by lt0079872 on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by drt

Whether you are more responsible for classroom technology or fully online support, do you, personally, prefer to "attend" trainings online or in person?

For me, I actually enjoy the face-to-face time for the sense of community - clearly I'm not referring to "meetings"

Then there are times that the topic is such that I'd just rather take it on my own time and work it in.

Your thoughts?


{my background for this topic}

I was recently consulting, remotely. My employer actually proposed the idea to me, and would pay for me to come out to California for a week every month, and what I find interesting is around the culture of Faculty Training/Development. They wanted me to do all of the trainings in person. Sure, I enjoy that time, especially presenting, but they are also undergoing the culture-change where faculty and administration need to understand the importance and efficacy of online components that they didn't have before.