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New Box View and digital annotation of student assignments

Question asked by andyr on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by ukeyream

There are several threads on the forum where the ongoing issues with the appalling piece of software which is New Box View have been raised.  My team have been waiting patiently for the long-promised improvements to allow us to hand annotate student assignments.  But it seems like Box, the team contracted to build the software, are not providing a timely or satisfactory product.  The need for improved annotation of student submissions has been discussed on this forum for nearly 2 years and it's incredibly frustrating (and telling) that Bb have been unable to provide a workable solution to its clients.


Please feel free to add your comments regarding frustrations over NBV or to share any solutions that you have for digital marking of student assignments outside of Bb.  I'd like to use this thread to show the project management team and CEOs at Blackboard how frustrating this basic lack of functionality is.  


Cheers.   Andy