Are you MH/SH, Q4 2016 and use SCORM?  I need help!

Discussion created by gw0046349 on Apr 29, 2019

If anyone is there who is on Managed/Self Hosted, Q4 2016 and uses SCORM, I would love to know if the following is possible without the SCORM shutting down.  When SCORM is set to launch in a new window, in Q4 2016 you could see the course menu in the background.  Is it possible to 1) launch the SCORM in a new window and engage in it part way 2) don't close the SCORM window but access a course item in a separate window, such as the discussion board, and participate and then 3) go back to the SCORM and continue where you left off?  The issue is whether the SCORM shuts down when you switch windows rather than "waits" for you to come back. 


Thank you so very much.