Question from a Blackboard Designer: Revealing answers in matched questions

Discussion created by joannie.wu on Apr 29, 2019
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I’m a designer for Blackboard and would like to get feedback from this community on some design-related questions. Answering these questions is highly beneficial for our process. Please feel free to explain your answer, as your explanation can be just as helpful to us as the answer itself.


For Learn Ultra Test and Assessments, we are looking to make improvements to our matching questions answer revealing workflows. There is a lot of complexity around revealing inline which individual answer within a matching question is correct or incorrect, particularly if the instructor has selected the option to not reveal the answer to students in a multi-attempt test.



  1. Does removing the correct/incorrect label per matched pair in favor of an overall correct/incorrect/partial credit still meet requirements? Are we meeting expectations if we remove the inline validation of individual choices for partial credit?


Partial Credit.png



Thank you!


Joannie & Emma



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