Oops! Something Went Wrong (Ultra/Learn SaaS)

Discussion created by blane.carlucci on Apr 25, 2019
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Firstly, if you have seen this error message, be sure to hit the "like" button. This error message has existed, from what I can gather, since 2016. We need Blackboard to address this.


I commonly see this error message when I try to open an assignment/quiz. I've read other community discussions where this message has appeared in relation to the Attendance Tool or opening SCORM content.


In my case, I created a Production Master of a course. I then copied that course into another course shell where the students would be working. Nearly all of the quizzes that were copied over experience this "Oops! Something went wrong," error message. I am forced to re-create every quiz in the live course so the students can access them.




Note: I am using the Learn SaaS (Ultra Experience).


Please share your experiences here if you have received this same error message.