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Do I have to use the same Application Id to all Blackboard Learn instances for authentication in OAuth 2.0?

Question asked by dpbhatt on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by moneil

I have just completed Blackboard Learn REST APIs integration/LTI tool in my project. In my development environment, I have an AWS Blackboard Learn for REST and LTI Developers. I have received an "Application Id" from website after registering my application by proving Application Name, Description and Domain. I used the received Application Id to enable REST APIs Integrations in my AWS Blackboard Learn instance.


My question here is do I have to provide the same Application Id I received for my tool from to all the universities who want to use the tool? I am asking this because in case of Canvas integration there are separate developer keys for each instance of Canvas and the tool is using a separate key/secret to authenticate in OAuth 2.0.


Please help!