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SIS Flat File: Where is "Note" Displayed in GUI?

Question asked by heather.crites on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by heather.crites

Good afternoon!


We're looking to store some data about an enrollment in course_users.note so it can be retrieved via DDA at a later point. In the SIS Framework docs on Flat Files (…  ) it says that the Notes header is used to store "Information pertinent to this user that may impact the course or organization participation."


I used SIS to load data into Notes and I can see it in the database under course_users.note, but I don't see where it might display in the GUI to end users/admins.  We're using Original Experience and I checked under the Roster tool and under Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users.  Does anyone know where this information is displayed in the GUI, if at all?