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3500.0.5 FDO Update - Release Notes???

Question asked by rh0071219 on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by jb22661

Hi all,


Got the notification this morning that 3500.0.5 was being installed on our Staging environment today and would be going into production in two weeks.  


Okay.  That's cool, but where are the release notes?  The announcement from Blackboard points to the "Release Notes for Learn SaaS" page, but 3500.0.5 doesn't even merit a mention there. 


If I go to BtBb and search Known Issues and select the "Planned First Fix" dropdown, I only get options that align to CD releases.  I don't see any way to determine what exactly is in 3500.0.5, so I don't know what to test in my staging environment. 


There's always seemed to be a disconnect between BtBb documentation and FDO releases because Bb is focused on CD releases.  I get that, but I need something


Anyone have a suggestion or any guidance as to what I may be missing?