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Hiding topics and about repository for activities

Question asked by mm0077361 on Mar 27, 2019
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I have a couple of challenges related to the Open LMS, which I am trying to solve.


First challenge:

I have a course with two groups. The course has several topics, some of which are for group A, some for group B and some for both groups. Is it somehow possible to hide topic from a course group? You can restrict access for sure, but the topic will still be visible to everyone (students just can't access it). There would be a need for this because I would not want the students to see a number of topics on the course they cannot access. It would be better if the topics could be invisible to those students for whom they are not intended.


Second challenge:

Is it possible to make a course in which all students of environment are members, but that would not appear in course listings in My courses menu for students. Such a course could be used as a material repository, from which documents and activities could then be linked to other courses. I wouldn't want students to see unnecessary courses in My courses menu that are not actual courses. If you put the course in Hidden mode, the course will not be visible to students, but you will not be able to link anything to other courses. If this is not possible, how have you carried out such a repository for materials and activities?


An example of such an activity that I would like to share is a questionnaire that students use when enrolling in exams. All the exams arranged in the degree program are listed in the questionnaire and the students mark which exam they attend. This would be handy to manage with one form, rather than a separate form for each course.