Useful bbNG taglibs

Discussion created by ji0079770 on Mar 25, 2019

Hello, community!

I'd like to start this thread to ask you about which and how are you using bbNG taglibs in your building blocks.

In our particular case, at eLearning Media, we recently wanted to add a User sear !ch feature to one of our B2. So we went to the Javadocs, and found the amazingly simple and easy to use <bbNG:multiUserPicker />. Basically it will open a popup window, showing a user search form, which can be used to filter and select users, and then it returns the list to a given callback. This is how we use it:


<bbNG:multiUserPicker javascriptName="usersSelected"



                      displayType="BUTTON" />


Where usersSelected is our callback with the logic for our specific case, it will be passed in a list of user objects with some fields like displayName, lastName, pk1, and value:



  <script type="text/javascript">

  // callback function for users tool

  var usersSelected = function(userList) {

    // put here your logic, like sending the data to the server, etc.

    // ...





I'd love to hear about your experience. How are you using bbNG taglibs in your building blocks?