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SIS Term Duration

Question asked by jo32204 on Mar 25, 2019
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Hi all,


We've had our Banner SIS in place for several years now, and had hands-on blackboard help when we initially set it up.  Now we're planning on moving to Ultra, and the way courses are displayed in Ultra has us rethinking some of our SIS workflows.


The way we've handled it in the past is the SIS creates the course and associates it with a term, we then leave it up to the instructor to make the course available when they're ready.  Ultra needs more defined options for availability and duration in order for courses to show up in the "current" courses area.  If we continue the way we've been doing it, students will see all courses they are enrolled in, from all terms, all showing up in the Current area.  This has made us want to look at how to set the course duration via the SIS, but our banner admin says the documentation that we have access to is dated, and doesn't have any sort of object reference for writing scripts for the custom field mappings. 


Anyone have any suggestions for setting a course's duration to match its term duration?  I've reached out to BB, but Tier I doesn't want to be in the business of helping with custom scripts, which is understandable.  Just thought I'd see if anyone else has any experience with this scenario.