3600.0.0 Testing: Tools Treated as Web Links

Discussion created by heather.crites on Mar 25, 2019
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Good afternoon!


I have been testing SaaS CD 3600.0.0 with Original Base Nav / Original Courses.


I just opened a case (04117463) because every course with a Tool (e.g. Announcements) as an Entry Point is opening in a double-frame. Links to tools on the main menu are launching in a new window every single time. It's like native Bb tools are being treated as external links.


1. When a course has a Tool (e.g. Announcements, Course Tools) as an Entry Point, it loads in a double frame (video demo: Bb Issue: Course Navigation)


2. When a user clicks on tool links on the main menu, it launches a new window each time (video demo: Bb issue: Tools Launching New Windows)


Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?