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Courses.WS failing after upgrade to 3400.0.7

Question asked by cb0068753 on Mar 21, 2019
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We recently did an urgent upgrade to 3400.0.7 (Q2 2018 CU7) to obtain an Assessments fix.

The upgrade seems to have broken our Courses.WS (Soap API), which now throws the following error using both Course.getCourse and Course.updateCourse methods:




<cour:getCourse xmlns:cour="">


<cour:filter xmlns:xsd="">







<soapenv:Body xmlns:soapenv="">










The general BtBb Support is more or less refusing to investigate the malfunctioning WS and referring to this community for assistance. Although the Soap API is still part of the Learn product, its deprecation is given as reason for denying support.

Luckily, we are deployed through Managed Hosting and our diligent SDM is now investigating changes to the WS and sifting the logs for clues. Barring the concerted effort to troubleshoot the API that you would expect from a company this size, I am hopeful our SDM will get some answers by hook or by crook.
We were early movers in using web services for SIS integration and our developers fought through the abysmal level of documentation on the Soap API to create a very full set of event-based integrations. Not that long after REST was introduced and Soap is now deprecated. In the short term we are unable to transition the integrations and we had come to terms with becoming stuck on the Q4 2019 release for a while. Now it seems that some tinkering (probably this 'fix') has de facto accelerated deprecation and those reliant on Soap are too few for Blackboard to care much.


Stepping down from the *bad pun alert* soapbox, asking the community for assistance is a great idea:

Are there any others experiencing problems with Soap WS on 3400.0.5+?

Or maybe the faultstring above rings any bells with any Bb WS gurus out there that might give us troubleshooting pointers?


(If any disgruntled Soap API users wants to express their sympathy, they are very welcome also)