Bug in Users REST API for externalId

Discussion created by ja29127 on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by ja29127

There appears to be a bug in the Users REST API regarding the externalId.  For users that are created without an externalId, you can retrieve a User object by passing in the username as the externalId (i.e., 'externalId:someUsername') to the 'getUser' endpoint.


That seems all fine and good, up until you inspect the object that is retrieved.  The User object retrieved will have a null value for the externalId field.


There is a contradiction here.  You should either not be able to retrieve a user by the externalId, if that value does not exist, or the externalId field should reflect the externalId value that was passed in to retrieve the User object.


I performed this with Q2 2018, CU1; I'm not sure if this has been changed in a newer version.