Spring Meeting

Discussion created by dm30644 on Mar 18, 2019

OK folks the spring meeting is getting closer so it's time to ask for input about what you want from this one. Looking for volunteers for presentations, discussion topics and anything else you would like to share.


I'll be talking about our move towards Ultra, and There will also be something about how we are using Kaltura from a colleague of mine. There will also be information about Community and Blackboard news – other user groups, Programmes/CPD/TLC and the chance of a Q&A session where we can put question to Bb a week before and they can come armed with answers.


Some of the other topics that have been flying around might include Grades Journey/EMA, Digital skills – eTeacher, Bb Extensions,Ally, Goals and Competencies but please make your suggestions and offers on here in the comments.


You can sign up here, so get a wriggle on and put your name down


Looking forward to seeing you all.