Migrating 2012 Course Menu Colours to 2016 Theme Colours

Discussion created by kevinoconnor on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by cc32283

I was wondering if people have some advice on the steps involved in migrating course menu colours from the 2012 theme to the 2016 theme. I have a lot of the colours done in the CSS but how they interact with the GUI/course settings is a bit unclear at times.


In our 2012 theme course menus we have blue text on a white background; in the 2016 theme I'm hoping to have white text on a blue background:




Are the steps below right to get all new/existing courses to migrate?


1. Disable course themes as they are not fully compatible with the 2016 theme (I think?)

2. Set the new white text on blue background for new courses under System Admin -> Brands and Themes -> Default Course Design -> Style

3. Ask Blackboard support to run a script to reset all existing course menus to the colour scheme in step 2.

4. Use custom CSS to style other elements of the course menu such as Course Management and the remainder of the menu:


Is that right or am I missing something?


Also can staff change the colour of the whole course menu under Course Management -> Teaching Style -> Menu Style or just the portion of it above Course Management and below the plus button? Thanks!