Blackboard App Grade/Mark Colour Updates

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Hi everyone,


I want to provide the community an update on some upcoming mobile work related to grade/mark colour used in the Blackboard app.


Background: In the last few days some clients have contacted Blackboard with concerns that the colours assigned to grades/marks grade displayed in the Blackboard app do not correspond well to the UK classification system of grade boundaries for degree awards.


As a result of the feedback we’re proposing the following approach to better meet your institution’s needs:

  • In the short term - provide an option (potentially in the Mobile B2) that allows clients to toggle the colour options on/off in the mobile apps. The off state will default to a treatment where no colour will be assigned to the mark.
  • In the long term - we will take a deeper review to better align the marking tool, it’s colour customization by clients, and the consistency of appearance across modalities to ensure that the tool meets the needs of our clients and institutions


The changes will impact the following areas of the Blackboard App:

Grades / Marks ToolCourse OutlineCourse Grades/Marks
Grades Tool.pngCourse Grades.pngCourse Grades Detail.pngCouse Grades Submission Detail.png


As we progress with the design, development, and most importantly timeline – we’ll be posting updates on this page to gather feedback.



Update on Proposed Changes; Placement of Administrative Toggle and Color Changes for Grades


Administrator Configuration / Grade/Mark Color Toggle

Our current thinking around placement of the toggle to enable/disable color used in the grade/mark pills is that the configuration option would be availableto administrators in the Mobile B2. By default the color is selected as "Yes". To disable color usage administrators would have to select "No". By selecting "No" the Blackboard app will no longer use color coding for displaying grades/marks to students at that institution. This change will only impact Original experience courses. The Mobile B2 update would be available as part of an upcoming release for SaaS, CU for supported versions of Learn, and new major versions of Learn. TBD on release date.


Admin Toggle Mockup.pngProposed design of configuration option in the Mobile B2




Grade / Mark Color Change in the Blackboard App

By default the Blackboard App will display colors for grades / marks (shown on the left). If an institution has disabled color usage for grades / marks students will see the "No Color" treatment (shown on the right). The design maintains high color contrast ratios for accessibility purposes. An update to the Blackboard will be needed in order to have the changes visible to the student. TBD on app release date.


Proposed Changes.pngDesign of current and proposed grade / mark color coding in the Blackboard App



We appreciate the feedback and look forward to the continued dialogue.