Monitoring Tab Access for Usage Data

Discussion created by nc0046810 on Feb 27, 2019

Looking to see if anyone has experience with tracking amount of activity for the Tabs & Modules area of Communities in Blackboard.


We are querying for usage of our Top Tabs in Blackboard and ideally would like to see usage for the sub-level tabs in their group. However, we are only able to see activity for a few in the Activity Accumulator.

_6_1 System Admin

_93_1 Content

_1_1 My Institution

_94_1 ?

It seems to only record access to the original tabs, but not the rest that we have created. There are 25 pk1 listed.

The tables involved are:

  1. Tab – a list of ALL TABS defined on the BB server
  2. Tab_group - a listing of ALL top-level tabs
  3. Tab_tab_group a listing of sub-level tabs

How can I find TAB_ACCESS for all tab_groups that we currently have deployed? This would be approx. 8 - 10 top-level (depending on role) and in some cases 3 to 6 sub-level tabs within the top-level.