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How to call custom remove action of custom content B2

Question asked by kei.yamazaki on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by kei.yamazaki

Hi Everyone,


I try to develop a custom content B2 with spring framework.

I defined the following content-handlers in bb-manifest.xml.


  <name value="" />
  <handle value="resource/b2-content" />
   <view value="view"/>
   <cpview value="view" />
   <create value="create" />
   <modify value="edit" />
   <remove value="delete" />
   <can-copy value="false"/>
    <action-type value="createOther"/>


In case of create/modify, custom action which I wrote is called successfuly.

But remove is always called default action like the below.




If defined below, when exec Remove of a content via web browser, custom create action isn't called but default remove action is called.


<remove value="create" />


Can I use custom remove action for a custom content?

Can you give me some advice please?



Taira Hikichi