Blackboard Professional Development (PD) Formats and Framework

Discussion created by nc0046810 on Feb 24, 2019

One of the top performing elements of our PD support framework is our Tech Tuesday.


Tech Tuesday - sponsored by TLC-to-go (a Teaching and Learning alternative to on-site delivery)

Tech Tuesday PD is delivered in email format and sent out to all faculty and staff, every other Tuesday. The content provides short snippets of information, along with links to further details or resources. Usually, the links are a short video or playlist, the Blackboard User Guide (help for instructors) and information regarding an upcoming workshop that covers material related to the topic. We try to keep the scope of these very targeted. Viewer data results suggest that these are considered a very
appreciated method of PD delivery. Consistently, these show viewings of over 100%, as they are referred to and revisited.

- Sharing and inviting ideas from the community, as to what works for your Professional Development.