Managing Turnitin seats

Discussion created by eb0071065 on Feb 22, 2019
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How does everybody manage their turnitin seat allocation. We currently have a limit in which we breached that and had to get TII to extend it. After a bit of digging around I have manged to get is so we have a nice buffer in place, the way I solved the issue was to expire seats up to a certain year and then they were released back to us.


Our current way of managing is a bit of a mystery however after doing a bit more digging I dare say I could expire all the seats but leave the academic year 2018/19 alone and make allowances for courses that are submitting from a 2017 course, however according to TII, they really shouldn't be doing this. The reason I would look to expire everything up to 2018/19 is that I know that students can still gain access to their submissions, if they did that for some reason, ie access a submission from 2016/17, the seat will get reallocated to them and we would be x number of seats down.


Does anyone have a better policy or way of managing their seats or am I thinking the best approach would be to leave the current academic year 2018/19 alone and see what courses are still submitting from previous terms or should we think of an alternate strategy?


Thanks for any advice