Best practices for integrating Macmillan content with Blackboard Learn

Discussion created by slehnert on Feb 15, 2019

Are you currently using Macmillan’s LaunchPad or considering it for your next course? If so, be sure to check out the Launch Pad integration built for Blackboard Learn. The integration provides a number of benefits to users, including:


  • Seamless access: Single sign-on provides you and your students with the convenience of one login for all course resources.
  • Automatic grade sync: Grades for all Macmillan assignments and assessments automatically post to the Blackboard Learn Grade Center, giving you and your students one destination to monitor class performance.
  • Deep linking: Chapter and asset-level linking functionality allows you to link to the Macmillan content that matches your specific course needs, ensuring students have easy access to the right learning resources at the right time.
  • Familiar workflows: Access to Macmillan content within the course content area makes it easy for you to find and adopt content within your native Blackboard Learn workflow.
  • Student data privacy: Student information remains secure through full compliance with student privacy standards, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


During this brief recorded webinar Dr. Stephanie Richmond, professor at Norfolk State University, shares her best practices for building an engaging online course using the LaunchPad integration for Blackboard Learn. Hear firsthand how Dr. Richmond was able to improve efficiency and bolster student engagement using the winning combination of these two solutions. 


Ready to get started with Macmillan’s Launchpad integration for Blackboard Learn? Access instructions on Macmillan Learning’s support site.