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SNAP! Profile Fields and Restrictions Affect All Users- wha???

Question asked by lk0050494 on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by ew40089

Good morning OpenLMS Community Neighbors! Reaching out for your ideas and knowledge.

We're testing ways to require an orientation course using restrictions within other courses. We chose to add an orientation profile field which can be used with restrictions. I tested a few of the field choices such as checkbox, drop-down menu, and text input. The text input seems to work best.


The profile field can be set with an upload. That works great. Restrictions are working. Well, working a little too much! Although the restriction says: "Student must match the following; User profile field orientation is equal to Completed", it is affecting ALL users including Admin. I had to set my own profile field to Completed because it locked me out of the restricted module. I couldn't even see editing options.


So my question is- are you doing anything similar to this? Are there permissions, or some configurations in roles that the restrictions are overriding for Admin and faculty? Maybe somehow all users are being seen as students including Admin? Or the restrictions are worded "Student" but it's not really a set role?


My only work around so far is to make sure all Admin and faculty have this profile field set in advance, so they don't get locked out of their course modules. (I've also been testing all sorts of "what might break this" in uploads)


*Note- we currently require students to upload a certificate in an assignment to prove they've taken the orientation. We'd like to move away from that to something a little more modern and automated.


Thanks for sharing! - Lev