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Content Usage Statistics discrepancies?

Question asked by skajpust on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2019 by nc0046810

I'm trying to understand the statistics report when you track content items.  It shows the hits for each user, for each day, but when you total those numbers up they don't match with the total hits for hour of day or day of the week.  Shouldn't these align?


I'm also confused about the guest access.  Who are these guests that are accessing my course and the content items?  That is turned off in my course.


Lastly, I can't even verify my own data.  For example, it claims I clicked a link 14 times today when I never did other than to hit the dropdown to run statistics, and I definitely did not click it 14 times.


Overall, I'm finding these numbers suspect which is making it difficult for me to run real statistics on whether students are clicking my links or not!