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When my students try to download a document they get bounced back to the log-in page

Question asked by rachaelcrowder on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by nc36270

This is a typical communication from a student:

I was wondering if one of you might be willing to send me the Live Class PowerPoint Handout Module 2 file to print for tomorrows class? When I click on the link posted under Knowledge for Module 2, it continues to try to take me a link where nothing loads, similar to what people were reporting last week. This is the link that it tries to take me to:


I also tried from a different browser, and different computer so I do not think the issue is on my end. Any guidance is appreciated.


Interestingly when I click on the above link, it takes me to the handout that I uploaded on the site. I am guessing that there are some firewall or security restrictions on the student's side that restricts access to a https site? Could you provide any advice or a work-around?