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Not able to access Blackboard AMI

Question asked by orhunk90 on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2019 by moneil


We are trying to set up Blackboard AMI to test out LTI application. We followed the instructions under “Usage Information” in . We see our EC2 instance is running.

However when we hit: https://{Public IP of the instance} we don’t get any response(“failed” status). We created the instance from 3500.7.0 (Jan 09, 2019) version of AMI (tried 3500.5.0 too). We are able to connect to the instance via SSH. When I go to Path: /usr/local/blackboard/logs I see some log files but I am not sure which one is the most helpful for my case. I see some exception was thrown like this: "Temporary failure in name resolution" in "bb-services-log.txt"


I am not sure if we are missing any step.


Thank you!