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Deep Links not being added as assignments on Blackboard

Question asked by nathankallison on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by nathankallison

We're trying to setup our external tool LTI integration using Deep Linking. Students will complete assignments on our external tool and we'd like the grades to be passed back to Blackboard.



Instructors / course builders - allow instructors to use our Deep Linking UX to select assignments from our external tool. Gradebook entries should be created so that a grade can be passed back.

Students - click the LTI link in Blackboard and be taken to the assignment in our external tool. Once they submit, an instructor grades on our external tool and the grade should be passed back to Blackboard.


Current setup:

  • Added our external tool as an LTI Provider, including the key and secret
  • Created a placement - made it available, selected “Course content tool” and “Supports deep linking”, provided the URL, key, and secret
  • When instructors click “Build Content” and click on the placement our Deep Linking UX opens and they are able to select an assignment
  • After selecting an assignment on our Deep Linking UX window they are redirected back to Blackboard where a link has been created



  • No gradebook entry is created
  • When students click on the link they are taken to our external tool homepage, not the assignment the instructor selected


Can anyone answer why the assessments selected via our Deep Linking UX are not being created as assignments on Blackboard?