LTI tool availability configuration is gone

Discussion created by mb0047876 on Jan 7, 2019

In the upgrading process this fall, we discovered that Blackboard has altered the way LTI tools are integrated. Configuring tool availability is no longer possible, and all LTI tools are turned on by default.


Before, we had a setup where:

  • Some tools were needed by most instructurs and all students, and were ON and LOCKED (so they can not be turned off)
  • Some tools were useful for many instructors, and were ON and UNLOCKED (so they can be turned off in courses if needed)
  • Some tools were field-specific, and were OFF and UNLOCKED (so they can be turned on in courses if needed)


In addition, some tools had an extra configuration in the institutional hierarchy, where we set a tool to be OFF globally, but ON and LOCKED for f.ex. a specific department, because it was field-specific and mandated by the department leadership.


These configuration options ensured that instructors see only the most relevant tools in their menus, which reduces noise and information overload.


However, with this new change to how the integrations work, as soon as you have set up a new LTI tool, it is either available or unavailable in all courses. No fine-tuning. Bb Support has confirmed that this simplification is by design.


This is a huge dent in our current configuration of Learn. We have registered an idea in the ideas portal, and if you also rely on, use or plan to use this functionality (or want to see it survive into Ultra), please consider voting for it!


Reintroduce tool availability configuration for LTI tools