Content issues when Course Menu Editing is Removed

Discussion created by lee.mcminn on Jan 4, 2019
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We are MH and we just upgraded to Q2 2018 CU4 on our Production environment.  We have Q2 2018 CU6 on the Test environment.  We had the editing capabilities (privilege) of the Course menu turned off for Instructors so that all courses would have the same course menu.  We are trying to have consistency across all courses, at least with the Course Menu. That was working fine unit we upgraded to Q2 2018, or that's when we noticed this problem.


What's the problem you ask?  The main content area in our courses and the Course Menu item is Course Content.  Instructors may have unit or weekly folder in this area and content items within those folder types.  If the Course/Organization (Menu) > Edit is turned off, when an instructor moves into a sub folder in a content item and then uses the bread crumb trail at the top left to move back to the parent folder, the Edit Mode is turned off.  The other problem here is that the Edit Mode is displayed as being on.  That means the instructor sees the content as if they were a student.  The only way to fix this right now is to either cycle the Edit Mode button or to click on the Course Content menu item and dive back down to the area that needs to be edited.  This is very frustrating to our instructors.  So, we may have to turn the Menu editing privilege back on until Blackboard can fix this issue. 


I submitted a Ticket to blackboard on this - Case #04057359


I just wanted other to be aware of this in case you were trying to lock down your course menus.


One step forward, two steps back is how these upgrades seem to always move. It's kinds of frustrating when an upgrade fixes 3 things and breaks 3 or more different things.