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Discussion created by sstevensonrevill on Dec 19, 2018
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We all know there are Quizzes in learn that we use as exams and you can use various browsers to access them some provide the ability to lock down the desk top. I thought as we approach the exam time of year it would be good to get a feel for what everyone does and the issues faced and how diagnosis is done.


Our tutors prepare the exams and then they get a sanity check, we use Respondus in general for most students all works well. Maybe 1 in 20 will have issue these vary from no access to the course to the browser crashing or the exam password not matching the one the students have.


Diagnosing the technical issues is tricky there are so many components in the chain, desktop, network, firewalls, load balancers, learn its self and the underlying infrastructure it needs a lot of monitoring to see what may have caused an issue for one student. Is there a tolerable failure rate?