CD Schedule through Q2 2019 Posted

Discussion created by heather.crites on Dec 6, 2018
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Good afternoon!


Just passing along that Support has updated the schedule for continuous delivery:



Release Number Release to Test Servers*Release to Production Servers*
v3600.4.07 May 20197 June 2019
v3600.2.09 April 20192 May 2019
v3600.0.012 March 20194 April 2019
v3500.11.012 February 20197 March 2019
v3500.9.08 January 201931 January 2019
v3500.7.011 December 20183 January 2019
v3500.5.013 November 20186 December 2018


An interesting point: 3600.4.0 is being released to production on a Friday instead of a Thursday. I am inquiring as to whether this is an anomaly, a new permanent change, or a mistake.