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trouble getting started with the Grades Journey building block

Question asked by kb0045564 on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by jh0040068

I am trying to set up Blackboard Grades Journey (in a SaaS environment, if that makes a difference) and hit two roadblocks - probably some really simple "newbie" mistakes I am making.


I (tried to) configured the Grades Journey building block to just extract a simple flat file, only the external grade column, attempting to save the file locally on my workstation for now.


Then I made myself the instructor in a test course, added three students, gave them grades, just to see how this would work.


The first problem is that I expected to find a "grade approval and transfer" button in the full grade center under the "manage" tab - that button is not available?


So I decided to attempt the grade approval and transfer as System Admin, from the "tools" menu. I found the course, went through several steps of approving, and finally submitting, those three students' grades.


That's when I ran into my second problem: the extract failed, I received a notification email (at least that part worked as expected) saying I should look in the logs for more detail......"This is an automated response from the Grade Journey Grade Extract tool which completed on 2018-12-04 10:36. Status: ERROR. Error Messages: Delivery location: Local Path: C:\@KB\BBgradesJourneyTEST File delivery status: Error sending file. Check log for details."


Here the question is: what log? where exactly is this log located?


Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.