Plagiarism Problems...

Discussion created by jp0070740 on Dec 3, 2018
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Hello -


I am looking for some solutions to the ever-growing plagiarism issues I see cropping up at my school. We currently use Safe-Assign exclusively, but lots of instructors do not enable it, or enable it, and don't do anything else.  We also have students who, because of the set-up and integration do not really use it. Obviously this is also a training issue on our end, but I was wondering how other schools are using Safe-Assign (I really want to know if there is a feature that allows students to see the report before submission to BB).


Or, is there an alternative that is cost-effective and student-focused (I want the student to be using it as a pre-submission tool as well as instructors using as post-submission) for a small college on a tight tech budget?




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