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How do you record your jobs

Question asked by eb0071065 on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by julie357

We are looking at the way we record our jobs and the discussion has come about where we want to make a change to how staff request support for issues. Currently its not immediately obvious unless you have been at the University for some time. So we are looking at placing a link to the page, possibly in the form of a button and also to shorten out name so that when we do a voice recording on our answer phone, its succinct and not long winded.


We use an application called ispring, which records the jobs and is only for staff who have issues that they cant resolve, the problem i think we have with that is for one its not integrated with active directory, so filling out a ticket for a job mean you have to enter all their data, which is frustrating as we have so many departments and options. Do people have a specific help desk system that they feel does the job and integrates with AD?


How easy is your support for staff to find, would your staff say its really easy of do you think there could be room for improvement.


I am just looking for ideas and info to make the process easier for staff to report an issue and also make it easier for us to record the issue whilst producing a monthly report which shows the jobs we have done and the levels of complexity of the job.


Any suggestions/tips are always welcome