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Premium Video App: Thumbnails?

Question asked by sf0071843 on Nov 28, 2018

Hey BB and BBlings alike.


So first, thanks for posting the new Premium Video app by My VR Spot. As far as a tool for posting videos to a page, this one takes the task and makes it easy. Any teacher out there should have no troubles learning and using the heck out of this tool.


I do have a question about the tool and how it is displayed on the page. How can we add content for a thumbnail image. There is no field to choose a thumbnail (poster image) for the feed entry, nor does the tool choose one automatically from the video file itself. All videos in my Premium Video feed have a generic "blank" thumbnail image.


Am I experiencing an error (missing field)? Does the option exist and I am just not looking in the right place? Am I being impatient and will the feed add a thumbnail as soon as it dang-well gets ready to do so?